Home Maker


  • – Homemakers provide service to individuals in their own homes and communities, who need assistance caring for themselves as a result of old age, sickness, disability and/or other inflictions. Home care may include housecleaning, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, companionship, and respite,
  • – Homemakers are responsible for ensuring that service is delivered in a caring and respectful manner, in accordance with relevant Agency policies and industry standards.

reporting relationship

  • – Reports to Home Care Supervisor

Responsibilities and Activities

  • – Teach/perform meal planning and preparation, routine housekeeping activities such as making/changing beds, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, and laundry
  • – Perform/assist with essential shopping/errands, which may include handling the client’s money, in accordance with the care plan and under the observation of the Supervisor.
  • – Assist with following a written, special diet plan and reinforcement of diet maintenance, which is provided under the direction of a Physician and as identified in the care plan.
  • – Escort to medical facilities, errands, shopping, and outings as specified in the care plan.
  • – Provide companionship, friendship, and emotional support.
  • – Assist clients with communication by writing or typing correspondence for them or researching information for them.
  • – Participate on the Care Team by providing input and making suggestions.
  • – Ensure service is delivered in accordance with all relevant policies, procedures, and practices.
  • – Monitor supplies and resources.
  • – Evaluate the program and make recommendations to it, as indicated.
  • – Follow the written care plan.
  • – Carry out duties as assigned by the Supervisor.
  • – Observe the client’s functioning and report to Supervisor.
  • – Complete and maintain records of daily activities, observations, and direct hours of service.
  • – Attend orientation, in-service training sessions and staff meetings.
  • – Develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.
  • – Evaluate the program and make recommendations, as indicated.
  • – Make decisions and solve problems.
  • – Communicate with Supervisor and co-workers.
  • – Observe, receive and obtain information from relevant sources.

Responsibilities and Activities

  • – Knowledge of home management skills.
  • – Knowledge of principles and processes for providing client and personal services, including needs determinants, meeting quality standards and evaluation of client satisfaction.
  • – Knowledge of the English language.
  • – Knowledge of information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat injuries including emergency first aid and CPR.

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